We paid R130 for the American plant-based Beyond Burger that has created a R100 billion company – and it tasted just like meat

A plant-based patty is masquerading as a real burger patty on restaurant menus in parts of South Africa – and it is just as good as the real thing, if you can afford it.

Called the Beyond Burger, it offers an alternative, vegan-friendly burger option made from 100% stuff that is not meat. Instead it is made from a rather interesting mix of ingredients that include pea protein isolates, expeller-pressed Canola Oil and beetroot used as a colouring agent to give it a juicy 'bloody' look.

Its creators, Beyond Meat, debuted on the public market last month in a blockbuster initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange and is now worth a whopping R100 billion. That makes the company more valuable than Harley Davidson, TripAdvisor or macys, reports Reuters.

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